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Benefits Of Water On Fat Loss

Water has countless benefits it would be impossible to discuss all of it in a single post so I will just focus on its effect on weight loss.

1. IT KILLS HUNGER. All diets require some form of calorie restriction and when we do that hunger takes over. One effective method to overcome this is to drink water and weight the stomach down, tricking the brain in thinking you've just eaten a meal.

2. IMPROVES CIRCULATION The better the circulation the better the weight loss results. That's because as the body breaks down the stored fat it can very quickly be rushed to the muscle to be burnt up.

3. OXYGEN BURNS FAT Fat inside of your body is comprised of hydrogen, carbon and oxygen. So by adding more oxygen ( H2O) to your body, the oxygen should force the fat to get more oxygen and turn into either water or carbon dioxide.

4. SPEEDS UP METABOLISM Cold water cannot be directly absorbed by the body. It has to reach body temperature first. The body will increase metabolism to heat up the water before allowing it to be absorbed.

To monitor your hydration levels you can use a digital weighing scale. Most of these scales have a hydration reading. I recommend a level between 50% to 60%.

Also, monitoring your energy levels helps in figuring how much water you need. Increase your water intake every 4th day. Keep it constant for next 3 days. If energy goes up increase water again. If no changes stick to the current water intake.

The by product of eating well and having a healthy lifestyle is a healthy and fit body. That's why aside from exercising regularly and eating appropriately for your needs, a healthy lifestyle is all most of us need to get back on track.

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