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The rest - pause method to blast thru plateaus

The golden era of bodybuilding gave us many wonderful things, the Mr. Olympia competition, protein powders and Weider principles. one of the simplest is the rest pause method.

Rest-pause training breaks down one set into several mini-sets, with a short rest between each. it pushes the boundaries of what you can normally carry but in a safe manner. based on the example i will give below, it allows the lifter to carry heavier for more reps for Increased motor unit recruitment. This will result in increased strength in the trained muscles.

a good routine will look something like this:

  1. Choose a weight that is 85-95% of your one rep max.

  2. Perform a rep with this weight.

  3. Rest 30-45 seconds.

  4. Repeat as you'd like (usually 6-10 times).

you can use a heavier weight while performing a similar amount of reps in the same amount of time.

Continually exerting the effort to lift 85-95% of your one-rep max gets your body used to heavy weight. Some lifters use this method for a week or two prior to max-out because otherwise, doing heavy singles to a maximum effort would feel awkward and unstable. one thing to take note off is that this method is suited for use on machines.

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