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Ubuntu Fitness

Home Based Training Or At Our Exclusive Private Studio At Clarke Quay The Central

No distractions. No interruptions. No waiting

Why Train With Ubuntu Fitness

We Focus On Your Long Term Success

Holistic Approach

Mind And Body Well-Being

A holistic approach to your fitness well-being. A positive state of mind to help develop sustained and long-term success. A healthier body thru proper nutrition to achieve faster and easier results. We aim to educate you on the best approach that is best suited to help you achieve results.

Health Focused

Healthy Approach
For Feeling And Looking Great

Fitness is about more than lifting weights and looking great, it is about feeling great and knowing you are getting healthier in the process. By prioritizing your health we can be sure that your efforts are maximized and safe.

Daily Follow-Ups

We Are By Your Side On This Journey

Every day is a step forward in your journey and we will be there to guide and provide support. We can continue to stay in touch with you – even on non-training days. Sharing how well you're recovering between sessions or how your body is responding to the change in nutrition provides us with a better understanding of your body's requirements

Empowerment And Sustainability

You Are The Captain On This Journey

Empowering you with the knowledge to change your life now and forever. 
We believe your success comes from not only from helping you achieve your fitness goals but also from empowering you with the knowledge to use your achievement as a launchpad to furthering your health journey. It's not just about helping you with your goals, it's about helping you live a healthier life.

Personalized Nutritional And Fitness Plan

After an in-depth assessment, we develop the appropriate nutritional plan that will get you to your goals and improve your health. We design your fitness plan to not only meet your goals but take your fitness to another level.

Optimizing Your Nutrition And Training And Tracking Your Progress For Greater Result

What Could Be In Your Way

Some hidden factors that could be preventing you from losing weight


Toxins not only cause fat gain but also harm the body on a cellular level.
Toxins are generally stored in fat cells. You acquire them through your environment and the food you consume. Learning to naturally reduce your toxic load will lead to long term success in your fitness journey and health.


Inflammation is now known to be the culprit  in fat gain and our health issues. 

Inflammation is now recognized as the leading cause for:

  • Heart disease

  • Diabetes

  • Alzheimer's disease

  • Obesity

This is why your nutritional program is centered around minimizing inflammation.


There are several hormones that heavily influence your fitness success. Several hormones like insulin, leptin, ghrelin and even estrogen control not only how well you can lose weight, they dictate how fast and where you gain weight. Understanding how to optimize these hormones can give you better results for your fitness goals and keep you healthy for years to come.

Personal Training Services

Choose how you would like us to help you

Buddy Training Sessions

  • Cost-efficient

  • Fun-filled environment

  • 75 mins per session

  • Ideal for 2 to 3 people 

  • Motivating and result centered

  • Home-based or studio 

Bespoke Personal Training Sessions

  • Daily monitoring of nutrition

  • Tracking of fitness progress daily

  • Workout at your own schedule

  • Daily communication via mobile text or email

  • Motivating and accountability

  • Lifestyle tracking

  • 12 sessions at studio or home-based

  • 75 mins per session

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Clarke Quay The Central
Available for home training

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