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The 3 Stages Of Fat Loss

Fat loss has evolved from the very simple ' just eat less' to the billion dollar industry we recognize today filled with polarizing diets and supplements. Both approaches work just as well, so let's take a look at fundamentals of fat loss and see how we can maximize it.

Very simply fat loss can be broken down into 3 stages, fat release, fat transportation and fat utilization. At each stage certain manipulations such as timing of food intake, choice of food , types of exercises and even supplements can optimize the process. So let's take a look in depth and see how we can maximize our efforts. On a side note, the body uses ATP as the primary source of fuel. Carbohydrates, fat and even protein will be broken down into ATP to be used by the body during rest or exercise.

Fat Release

The process begins with the release of fat into the blood stream. When muscles and other tissues need energy, certain hormones bind to fat cells and trigger lipolysis (the breakdown of fats and other lipids by hydrolysis to release fatty acids).

Caffeine and EGCG found naturally in coffee and matcha respectively, are great supplements that effectively release fat acids from their storage sites.

Lipolysis is induced by several hormones, including glucagon, epinephrine, norepinephrine, growth hormone and cortisol. Most of these hormones are released during fasting and stress. Even just lowering calories to very low levels will initiate their release.

Fat Transportation

Once released fatty acids are transported thru the blood stream by proteins called albumin. These fatty acids are then attached to carnitine to be delivered in to the energy factory of the cell, mitochondria. This process can be optimized by carnitine supplementation and any supplement or process that encourages circulation.

Fat Utilization

This is the one process that everyone is focused on. Basically this is where the fat ' burning ' process takes place. Fatty acids are broken down and utilized by the body as energy. At this point fatty acids can be coming from all over the body to be used and not necessarily from the surrounding tissues consuming the calories.

Obviously moving around will require more calories therefore more energy being burnt. The body however also burns calories to keep the body at the required body temperature. That is why people tend to eat more when in colder environment due to the increase need for calories.

Supplements that increase temperature or foods like chili will also increase fat utilization. Even drinking cold water has been shown to increase metabolism due to the need for the body to only absorb water that is at body temperature.

As we can see it is a 3 stage process and approaching fat loss by optimizing each stage will allow us to maximize our efforts. Everybody's journey and approach will be different but with understanding we can make use of supplements or change our habits to make fat loss a simple and fun journey.

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